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Who will manage the social media accounts for my small business?

Your accounts’ material will be discovered and shared by a qualified, committed Content Specialist. Our content specialists are experts in creating material for social media. They browse the internet for hours looking for pertinent material to share on your accounts. Their objective is to interact with your audience in the same way that you would if you had the time. We place a strong emphasis on accepting accountability and ownership for our work, and it shows in everything we do.
Since every one of our content specialists is a native English speaker, your social media accounts will appear to be updated daily by you.

How do you plan on knowing what to post for my business?

Your assigned Content Specialist will start studying your industry, competitors, and target demographic as soon as we receive your order. Your content specialist will be familiar with what your audience is looking for by the time the first post appears on your social media platforms. And that’s the secret to using social media efficiently!

Can I continue to publish to my personal profiles?

Definitely! You own them, and you are free to take an active or passive role in them.

What if I want you to advertise certain goods, discounts, or promotions?

Send us an email with the information you want us to provide on your behalf, and we’ll forward it to your Content Specialist. Our helpful support staff is delighted to make sure that your requests are properly handled. By emailing at any moment, you can give our team specific instructions, and we’ll do our best to follow them as soon as possible.

Do I need to agree to a contract?

There is no commitment because we believe in earning your business month after month. You are free to revoke at any moment. Just 30 days’ notice is all we need to halt work on your account. However, we are certain that you will adore our service and desire to stay with us for a very, very long time!

Wait... I have more inquiries!

We can assist! Visit our Help Center by clicking here to learn more about our business, services, costs, and much more.

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